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The Palmquist family in
the United States of America.

THE VAST MAJORITY OF THE DATA  below is supplied by Mrs. Olive Palmquist, Kewanee, Illinois, USA, in January/February 2004. The column has been supplemented by later known facts of Roland Palmquist.

Carl Mauritz Palmquist
(Munter), was born in 1881 in Ockelbo parish in Gästrikland, and died 1949 in Kewanee, Illinois, USA.

Carl emigrated from Sweden - not known which year - and settled in Kewanee, Illinois, where his sister Margaret (Margareta) already lived. She had opted for the name Olson, but married a man named Jonas or John Becksell, but they probably had no children. We know nothing about Mr. Becksell - he engaged with the ovens. Carl's father Olof Olofsson Munter in Ockelbo "had to go into the Swedish army." Then - for some reason - when Carl came to USA, he chose the name Palmquist as surname (brothers Jonas and Per Alfred - Roland's grandfather - also changed their names, while the eldest brother took the name Eklund). We do not know how long Carl was here in the U.S., but he went back home to Sweden around 1904 and brought with him "Ellen" (Elin under church book) Anna Bergman, to Illinois. Ellen lived in Mörtebo, Ockelbo.
Carl worked in the foundry of Walworth Co., which manufactured valves and machinery. Carl and wife Ellen had ten children. All Palmquist-boys were tall, except Harold, who was short like his father Carl. In 1940 Carl became ill (Alzheimer's) and had to be placed in a nursing home. 
Wife Ellen Bergman was born May 26, 1881 and died January 22, 1971. She was born in Mörtebo, Ockelbo parish in Gästrikland and was the daughter of farmer Hans Bergman, born in 1859 and his wife, school teacher Anna Kristina Åsenlund, born 1856.

When Ellen arrived in the U.S. it was via Ellis Island. Customs officers which allowed her to pass without further examination. They said she was tall and looked strong. She was taller than her husband and a hard-working and strong woman. Carl and Ellen married November 19, 1904. She gave birth to children during twenty years time. She lived the last four years in a retirement home.
First child
Ester (Palmquist) Pearson, born 1905, died 1936. The couple had no children. I did not know her or her husband. She died of injuries from a rifle shot. Within the family it was believed that her husband shot her because she was so afraid of firearms. (?) They have told me that Ester and her husband came home from Alta, where they lived, to Kewanee, Illinois,  and that they stayed a few days each time at the home of her parents.
Second child
Ellen (Palmquist) Dennis
, born March 3, 1907, died December 9, 1992. First she married Oscar Dobbel and had two sons, Robert Dobbel, born 1930 and Lewis Dobbel, born October 21, 1932.

Ellen later got a divorce and married Clifford Dennis, born March 4 (unknown year), died July 24, 1988 of a heart attack. He worked at a lumberyard. Ellen needed care so she lived in a retirement home and died there. Ellen and Clifford is buried at a graveyard south of Kewanee. 

He got divorced from his wife when the boys were 5 and 7 years old and lived thereafter with Ellen and Dennis Clifford. Lewis never got married again. The boys mother died in 2000 approximately.

William lives on a farm and have two girls and a boy. One of the girls have a daughter the other has a son and a daughter. Patrick lives in Florida but has never married.
Third child
Carl O. Palmquist, born June 2, 1909, died August 8, 1993. He married Leona Hudson, born March 19, 1910, died February 26, 1999. The couple had no children.

They lived in Peoria, Illinois, for a while but then moved to Rock Island, Illinois, where he worked for Bear Manufacturing Co., a manufacturer of machine parts. In 1990 they moved into a retirement. They died there.

Fourth child
Clarence Palmquist, born April 7, 1911, died August 7, 1963. Clarence had TB when he was about 25 years old. He stayed in a sanatorium for several years. He was healthy and worked then in a jeweler's shop. He married July 26, 1958 with Rose Thorpe, (born in June 1909, died January 16, 1966) when he was 47 years. He met Rose at the sanatorium. They had no children.

They lived together with her mother in Rock Island and were very happy. Her mother was very kind to them. Rose had worked as stenographer. Clarence and Rose are buried in Rock Island Memorial Park Cemetery, 4205 - 30th Rock Island, Illinois.

Fifth child
Elsie (Palmquist) Bergstrom, born January 1, 1913, died 1999. She married Arthur Bergstrom, (born April 29, 1905, died March 8, 1995), on New Year's Day 1934, the very day Elsie herself was 21. Arthur had ancestors from Värmland in Sweden. They had two sons and a daughter, David (born 1934), Daniel ( "Dan" was born in 1936) and Christine (born 1949). Arthur worked for the Caterpillar Co. for many years. I do not know what he did, but the company manufactures heavy bulldozers. Art and Elsie lived in Peoria, Illinois. They are buried in Swan Lake Cemetery in Peoria, Illinois.

David married a girl named Billie, I think, but they differed though they are still friends. Both lived in Washington State and both were employees of the U.S. Fleet - that was where they met.

Daniel married Shirley and they live in Peoria, Illinois. They have a son - Stephen - and two daughters, Dawn and Deborah. Stephen lives at home - he is a little retarded. Deborah married Mark Borland and have Brad, 16 years, Shayne, 13 years, and Brett, 11 years. Deborah and Mark are missionaries, and therefore lived in Columbia, South America, for many years, but now they are in Florida to obtain instructions for their next mission. Dawn married Joel Feucht and they have Caleb, 13 years, Weston, 9 years, and Maria, 6 years. Joel is working for the Caterpillar Co., and is living temporarily in England since September 2003, where Joel works for a company that Caterpillar Co. have bought.

Christine married James Ommen and have the children Steve, Regina, Renee, Rebekah, Nathanael and Justin. Jim (James) is also working for the Caterpillar Co. None of the children are married yet. The family lives in Peoria, Illinois.

Sixth child
Walter Manfred Palmquist,
born May 24, 1915, died January 13, 1998. He married Olive E. Mees (born September 20, 1919). We have a son, Gary Alan Palmquist (born June 13, 1940). Walter worked at the Walworth Valve & Fittings Co. throughout 45 years and retired in May 1977. He is buried in Pleasant View Cemetery, Kewanee, Illinois.

Since Gary had taken his degree, he was immediately employed by the U.S. Government and moved to Los Angeles. After a number of years Gary was sent to Washington DC and his new job took him to Tunisia, Italy, Germany, Fiji, Dominican Republic, Bogota, and Thailand. He retired after 26 years and he still lives in Washington DC. He has a daughter, Lanette (born December 22, 1968) and she has never married. Gary was married to Florence, but was divorced in 1973. Florence moved to Massachusetts and lived near her parents there. Lanette works for The National Institute of Health in Bethesda, Maryland. She lives in Washington, near her father.

The seventh and eighth children
Harold and Albert Palmquist Palmquist, twins, born October 6, 1917. Harold died already January 13, 1918 and was buried in Buda Cemetery, Illinois, with a small cement stone on the grave with the initials "HP". The family lived in Buda on a farm - but I do not know when they moved there or how long they lived there.

Albert lives in a nursing home in Lewistown, Illinois, it is approximately 79 miles (130 km) from Kewanee. He was slow in school but still received advance to the next class, but he is still very smart, although he never received any proper training. He will be buried in Kewanee beside his father and mother in Pleasant View Cemetery. (From all appearances, Albert was never married or had any children. RP's note.)

Ninth child
Harold Holmfred Palmquist,
born September 5, 1919, died August 28, 1973. Harold married Dorothy Swindle from Wise, Virginia. Both were employed by the army. They had a son, Harold Douglas Palmquist (known as Doug), born 1946-07-30 and he is working on a fish-cultural establishment in Carbondale, Illinois. He lives there with his third wife, with whom he has no children.

In the first marriage has Duog a son as well as in the other. I know nothing about Douglas boys. Dorothy had a child named Dossy and that was six years old when Harold and she married.

In 1960 married Harold on with Joyce Maring - they never got any children. Harold was the manager of a lumberyard until he got cancer and died. Harold is buried in Pleasant View Cemetery, Kewanee, Illinios.

Tenth child
Hans Peter Palmquist, born January 22, 1924, died November 21, 2001. Hans married Delores Krumtinger on October 20, 1951. They moved to Los Angeles, California, in 1952 and adopted a little girl named Karen and were living in Houston, Texas. Hans had prostate cancer for ten years and died the day of Thanksgiving November 21, 2001.

Karen married young, but the marriage lasted not long before it became a divorce. Then she got married to a man named Landrum in last name and had a daughter - Jessica - which this year is first year in college. She divorced again and married a man named Lerry. She had a son named Zachary and is 11 years now. Again she divorced and got married with a man named Trump. Karen is a nurse working in the cancer department at a large hospital in Houston, Texas.

I have had some small letters from Olive Palmquist, when she submitted her various accounts. To read her hand writing has not been easy all times, so some information may have been misinterpreted by me. In a letter she wrote: "I hope you can read all what I wrote. My thoughts flew away so quickly, that I found it difficult to keep up with to write down everything I came on. " Of all the things she told me was that it was only Albert (child number 8) in siblings crowd that was still alive (he died a few years later).

She has also fulfilled a promise in her first letter to me, when she wrote: "I will try to remember everything one have told me about the Palmquist family ." It is an interesting family chronicle, which she has described. She also revealed that she checked some facts by going to the cemeteries and read the name and different data on the gravestones.



My closest relative is found in Colorado!

My niece, Nadja, born and raised in Bålsta north of Stockholm, is my very near relative in the U.S. She is the daughter of my departed sister Naemi Palmquist (1943-1982) and her husband Hans Törling.

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